Ignoring the Barking Dogs

Differences Between Blogger and WordPress

To be honest, I am still learning WordPress, therefore, almost anything I say in this entry could be discovered to be wrong later. What I will do here is just mention a few things about the differences between Blogger and WordPress that I have noticed so far.

With Blogger, there was a template to work with that appeared to be a totally custom one to work with in creating the “look” of the home page. I didn’t use any of Blogger’s prepared templates. With the custom layout, I was able put widgets just about anywhere I wanted on the page.

For instance, with Blogger, the archive listings were all on the right hand column. Below that I was able to put in what I guess is a listing of those blogs that I followed. All of that could be put on the front page along with other gadgets containing links to places I liked and other features.

With WordPress, I’ve not found a custom layout that was free where I could place what I wanted where I wanted. For instance, on Blogger, the comments I made entitled, “Pioneers Take the Arrows” were capable of being put at the top of the page and was the first thing people saw when they visited my blog. With WordPress, I’ve had to create a new “page” entitled “Pioneers Take the Arrows” that is located below the top picture on the home page in order to keep those comments on the home page.

I discovered that if one went into “About” or “Pioneers Take the Arrows” they were able to see the recent post and archive on those separate “pages.” However, since folks might not know that they could be found there, I decided to create the page entitled “Recent Posts and Archives” so that there would at least be a clue as to where those could be found.

With Blogger, I could go to the “Statistics” page and click a link that would prevent Blogger from counting my visits to the website as a part of the stats. With WordPress, if there is such a function with their stats page, I’ve not found it. I’d really like to have that feature so that my blog’s “visits” would truly be folks other than me.

As a follow-up to my testing of WordPress with what the “Auto Focus” theme did with photos on the home page, my last test does show that the blog theme will apparently take the first picture on the page, regardless of its location, and put it in the “preview pane” on the home page. I’ll just have to remember that if I have a particular photo that I want noticed in the panes.

I’m sure that I will discover new things with WordPress as I work along with it, so my hope is that the “old dog” here still has the ability to learn new tricks.


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