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Preparing for Residential Refrigerator Modification – Stage Two

Things are moving right along with the preparations for the new Samsung residential refrigerator. I would like to show a bit more prior to actually putting the Samsung into the coach, since I had mentioned some things in previous forum posts and the blog as well.

First of all, on the SOITC forum website, I had posted a notice of a problem that I was having with our range/oven in the coach since we took out the Dometic refrigerator. What I will shortly inform you of is my own lack of full understanding of what the “heck” I am doing.

Jo tried to fix supper one evening after the removal of the Dometic and she couldn’t get any gas to show up at the range. I knew we had gas to the coach because after I had removed the gas line from the “T” that went to the refrigerator, I had capped that “T” and then put the hot water heater on gas so as to clear all the air out of the lines after turning the gas back on for the coach.

Looking everything over, I remembered comments on the SOITC and 5th Wheel Forums that there was a safety gas valve within the compartment of the kitchen right next to the range and oven. The way the system worked is that if the Corian counter cover over the range cook-top was closed, a magnetic switch would close the valve so no gas could get to the range. When the cover was raised, then the switch would allow gas to flow.

I looked at the valve and with not knowing for sure of how to check the switch and valve I kind of scratched my head and wondered. While Jo and I were walking the Twin Fountains RV Park’s grounds one evening, I got to thinking that with the removal of the 12V wire from the Dometic, I might not be getting a ground for that switch.

When we got back, I found some wire and got out my multi-tester. Sure enough, I had 12V at those wires that were removed from the refrigerator. So, I ran a wire from the “ground” part of the 12V to the ground terminal located in the back of the refrigerator cavity. There was still no gas getting through.

I sent a message to Slade and Alicia at Rolling Retreats with some questions and Slade wasn’t sure of what I was even talking about with regards to a safety gas valve. Come to find out, earlier models and the newer models don’t have that safety valve. However, he was coming back through Oklahoma City the next day with a new Elite Suites and said he would stop and check out our problem.

Well, when he arrived, we discovered that while I had the right idea in that we had lost “ground,” I was wrong in where the “ground” needed to be. Instead of a separate ground wire supplying 12V to the valve, they grounded the valve to the gas line. When we removed the Dometic refrigerator, I had to remove a grounding clamp from that “T” to take the line off. I naturally thought the ground was for the refrigerator. Well, it wasn’t and re-attaching the clamp and ground wire got gas to the range and oven for us.

So, if your RV has a contraption such as seen below, it might be that you also have a safety gas valve.  (Note the clamp up on the “T” and the heavy un-insulated wire going down to the “ground” terminal.)


Next on the agenda of topics is about the furniture dolly that I mentioned we used to help get the Dometic out of the coach and will use to get the Samsung into its place. I originally made my own furniture dolly since a lot of the ones for sale in the hardware stores were bigger than we needed. Below is a picture of that dolly as I had originally made it.


When we took out the Dometic, it was easier to handle by putting blocks of wood on top of the dolly to get it closer to the level of the refrigerator. However, the whole contraption was a wee bit wobbly with boards being loose. So, I got busy and made an “extension” that will fit into the “slot” between the two long boards. That extension is shown below.


This image is of the dolly with the extension put into place on the dolly. It is now at the same level as what the new refrigerator floor is in the cavity where it will sit.


Last, but not least, the Samsung finally arrived on July 19th, and Jo and I went to Best Buy to pick it up after work. After our sons helped us unload it from our pickup, we unboxed it and plugged it in. Below are some pictures of the refrigerator with the first one being of the full unit. Pardon the bad light, but it is sitting under the awning and isn’t getting a lot of light for the photograph.


Next is a picture of the back of the unit. Again, the light isn’t great, but it gives a rough idea of what the backside looks like.


The next picture is of the bottom at the back. Note that there is a panel that can be removed for repairs if needed. Since there is an access panel already in the coach for air and heat exhaust, it will be that we will probably put some kind of screen material over those access panels and add some insulation around the refrigerator to insure we don’t get little critters into the coach.


The next two pictures are of the interior of the refrigerator with the doors opened. I should have put some common item into the fridge so one could get a perspective of the size.


The “tub” to the left of the top drawer below is the tub for the ice cubes.  When the drawer is closed, that tub sits under the ice maker itself.  Then there is storage space to the right of the tub and space below that top drawer.  (Note that this Samsung refrigerator “appears” to be equipped with a “foot.”)


This last picture is of the underside of one of the shelves. While we’ve not removed the packing material yet, you might be able to get an idea of how the shelves fit into slots and with “keepers” to help prevent the shelves from dislodging when the coach is going down the road.


Plans are in the works for our two sons to show up in the morning and help us get the refrigerator put into the fifth wheel. I’ve looked at things and I “think” I have an idea of how we can anchor the refrigerator to the floor. Since that idea involves bending some metal and I don’t have a vise anymore, that part of the job could get interesting.

Wish me luck with that issue.

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One thought on “Preparing for Residential Refrigerator Modification – Stage Two

  1. Not only are you doing a great job on this conversion, I am sure you are learning a few things as well. Think about all the cool stuff you’ve learned since you first got your RV.

    On a different note, I am also considering converting from Blogger to WordPress. Your postings about your conversion have been helpful to me.

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