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Residential Refrigerator Modification – Installation of Samsung

Saturday, July 21 was the day of reckoning as it was the day that we finally got to put our new Samsung refrigerator into its place in the Mobile Suites. It was not a day without distressing events. As I said in a text to Alicia and Slade at Rolling Retreats, it was a day when we met the Devil and he was ourselves.

It was a hot day, so with the entry door having to be opened so much during the initial stages of the day, the temperatures and tempers rose. That was because Jo and I (as usual) had different ideas of how something should be done. If you’ve read the previous posting where I wrote of the lessons we learned, you can guess that our installation is not perfect.

Some of the preparation work that day involved placing some screen material over the lower access door area to help in keeping bug-type critters out of the interior. Jo did all the work in installing that as well as spraying on the adhesive for the insulation and putting that into place on the side walls and on the “roof” of the refrigerator cavity.


We also took some Tin and bent it so that we could attach it to the upper frame of the upper outside access door. The thought with regards to that is to attach the other end to the back of the refrigerator to help “anchor” the top part of the refrigerator. Much of what we’ve done may very well be changed as we think of better ways to accomplish what we’ve done on this day.



If you’ve read the “Lessons Learned” post, you will know that while we may be anchored to prevent forward and backward movement of the refrigerator, we’ve not addressed the real concern that the refrigerator could move from side to side. If it does move, the upper doors won’t open properly. For them to work right, the refrigerator must be centered within the cavity so that each of the doors can be opened the same.


When we initially attempted to insert the Samsung, we hadn’t considered the issue of the insulation on the walls from preventing it from going in easily. So, it was necessary to pull the Samsung back onto the furniture dolly and its “insert” that made it tall enough to easily traverse around the counter and go into the cavity.


Then, Jo got busy applying tape to the front part of the insulation and around onto the trim of the cabinet to hold it back. With that job done, insertion of the Samsung into the cavity was a simple matter.


Again, from “Lessons Learned” you will read that we goofed in not getting the floor for the refrigerator cavity square with the facing trim. That made it necessary for us to tip the top inward so that Jo could place two boards under the rear refrigerator rollers. Then we put a caster cup under each of the front rollers and that pretty well leveled the Samsung and made it square with the facing trim.

Caster Cups

Once the doors and freezer drawer facing were installed back on the refrigerator, we had to test to make sure that we had clearance with both the freezer drawer handle and with the space between the drawer front facing and the countertop. (Those photos can be seen in the link below.)

While testing that clearance, I also took pictures for one of the ladies on SOITC’s forums showing the clearance between the kitchen slide and our new Hunter ceiling fan. She has wanted to get a new ceiling fan with the light kit, but she wasn’t sure of how it would look. Once she sees the comment I put on that forum, she may be getting her husband to get her one and install it.

Finished Project Photos


In case you didn’t notice before, the finish on our model, which is called Stainless Platinum by Samsung, lets us again use refrigerator magnets for some of our notes.  The Stainless Steel refrigerator that we had in our previous home wouldn’t allow their use.




Now, here is a link to our Photobucket account so you can see a slideshow of all the pictures taken of this project. If you’ve already seen the photos listed prior to this posting, you might want to look toward the middle of the slideshow to find the ones you haven’t already seen.  In viewing the slideshow, one can click on the pause button to the bottom left to stop at each photo so one can read the description for each photo if desired.

Modifications for Residential Refrigerator

Now, I’d like to take this time to publicly thank Alicia and Slade of Rolling Retreats, our two sons, Eric and Kevin, and of course, my lovely wife, Jo, for being such helpful and really great people in getting this job done.  If it had all be up to me to get it done, we’d still have an ice chest instead of a refrigerator. 

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9 thoughts on “Residential Refrigerator Modification – Installation of Samsung

  1. Congrats on the new fridge. Looks great!

  2. Teresa on said:

    Thanks to you and your blog, we just got our new residential fridge install finished. We are very happy with the results and all that room! You gave us the courage to do it. Thank you very much! We will think of you every time we look at our new fridge.

    • Teresa,
      We are also pleased with ours as well. If my posts about making the change has been helpful to you, then I am again blessed with knowing that someone has managed to better their own life in some small way.

  3. After our 3rd Norcold 1210 kicking the bucket we are putting in a residential fridge. Did you two get that Samsung through your doorway? Nice job by the way!!

    • Eddie,

      Yes. The Samsung went through the doorway with ease. The width of the opening with the door fastened back against the outside wall allowed the Samsung to go through by taking off the freezer and the two refrigerator doors. Once inside the coach, the doors stayed off until we had eased the refrigerator around the peninsula counter and into the refrigerator “cavity” in the slide. Once in, we then attached the doors.

      Oddly enough, we worried about clearance between the peninsula counter cabinet and the handle on the freezer drawer, however, I had not taken into account that we would be lifting the refrigerator around 9 inches to get it into the slide. When we looked at things after getting it in, we discovered that the freezer handle was actually above the counter top, so we worried for nothing.


  4. Jeff and Stella Jenkins on said:

    Terry, We have watched the refrigerator upgrade with great interest. We are having a Samsung RF197 put in our Montana next week. One question, we don’t have an inverter. What size do you have. We are thinking a 1200 watt pure sine. Any suggestions. Thanks Jeff and Stella Jenkins.

    ps. We are Okies too

    • Jeff and Stella,

      If you are only going to need the inverter for the refrigerator, the 1200 watt should do the job for you. If you were to want to add more items that could be powered by an inverter, then you’d likely need a larger one and also a couple more batteries. You would need to determine the power requirements before deciding if you wanted to spring for the extra size of inverter and batteries. Definitely a pure sine wave inverter for any application any more. Too many items and appliances have computerized circuitry, and pure sine wave ones are far superior to modified sine wave.

      I would venture to always believe that I am an Okie, although we’ve now moved to Colorado following our retirement so we can be nearer to Jo’s sisters.

      Good luck with all you are doing, and whatever you do, enjoy life.


      • Jeff and Stella Jenkins on said:

        Thanks for your response. Being newbies just finishing our first year full timing thought we would get some advice from experienced full timers. Have enjoyed reading your posts on RV Dreams through the years. Safe travels to you two and enjoy your much deserved retirement.
        Jeff and Stella

      • Well, congratulations on your first year of full-timing. If you’ve been traveling in that time, you’ve got a “leg-up” on us as our full-timing has been as “static” full-timers for the 3-plus years. The only traveling we’ve done is to rallies for SOITC and to move from Oklahoma City to Colorado. If you are traveling through Colorado, Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort is an excellent place to stay.

        We’ve loved the Samsung fridge and feel it was well worth the work it took to install it. I think you will find yours to be a real benefit.


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