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Long Hiatus from Blogging is Over

Considering that there has been nothing from me in writing since July 24, I guess it might be best to make this first one in some time to be one with some nice pictures. But first, I should say that after the refrigerator modification, we were pretty well ready for some rest. We got that for a time at home for just a few days before going on vacation.

We left Oklahoma City the evening of July 27 after work and Jo, Eric and I pulled an “all-nighter” in driving to Canon City, Colorado. Some time back, we heard that Jo’s sister Pat, from Tulsa and her youngest son were going to Colorado to look at property to buy. Then, they would spend about a week with Jo’s sister in Canon City. We then heard that Jo’s cousin and his wife (Jim and Aurora) would be at Canon City that same week.

Since this was the cousin and wife that was part of the six of us that cruised to Alaska in 2005, we checked to see if there would be room for us at the reunion as well. Roxie, the Canon City sister said that they would manage in some way, especially if we could get all of us together again. As it turned out later, Roxie and Richard’s son and his family (wife, son and daughter) would be there as well.

Needless to say, it was a great reunion with a bunch of us all in one house for most of the time. Three of the boys slept in the garage on cots, Jo and I slept in an outbuilding with our two dogs, and all the rest filled up the bedrooms and a couch or two in the house.

Even the meals were interesting in that Jo’s cousin’s wife is originally from the Phillipine Islands and with everyone (except me) taking turns with cooking, we certainly had a variety of selections of foods. And, since I didn’t do any cooking, everyone survived the week.

Since it was a family mini-reunion, we didn’t do a lot of excursions where I had the opportunity to take a lot of photos. On one day, five of the group decided that they wanted to ride the rapids of the Arkansas River west of Canon City. There is an area where the rapids aren’t highly rated (prior to the Royal Gorge) and the area through the Royal Gorge is supposed to be higher rated rapids. Our group decided on the milder ride since none of them had ever rafted before.

I was asked to go out and take pictures of the rafters. While the five were rafting, three of us went along to watch and take pictures. Our nephew, Ray (who is Pat’s youngest son), Richard (Roxie’s husband), and I then went to the first place to start taking pictures. On Highway 50 west of Canon City is a rest area referred to as 5-Points. In addition to a few picnic tables and restrooms, there is a platform that has been built out over part of the Arkansas River from which one can take pictures.

Then after the rafters passed our first point, we would get in the pickup and “leapfrog” ahead of them and choose another place from which I could take pictures. In all, we probably stopped at about 4 places along the river.

I am now going to “break” my normal rule of not showing pictures of folks that I have not received signed waivers or permission to publish online. I’m doing so because one in particular really piqued my interest because of the “dynamics” within the raft. So, should anyone in the photos that I post do not like them posted online, please let me know so that I can remove them. These were taken west of Canon City on the Arkansas River on July 29, 2012.

The photo with the interesting “dynamics” is one where none of the people are a part of our family. In it there are two children sitting in the front of the raft between two ladies who are paddling, and three people are behind them in the middle of the raft, and then of course, the raft “guide” in the rear of the raft. One of the children doesn’t seem to particularly like the circumstances at the time, but the other child and the two ladies are both smiling at his/her manner.


That photo and this next one were both taken from that platform that is somewhat out over the river at 5-Points rest area. In this second one, this one has our family members in it. While the rapids at this point aren’t all that difficult, the photos almost make them look worse than they were.


After a “leapfrog” movement or two, I took the next two photos of the raft with our family members. Our youngest son, Eric, is in the front, dressed in black. The other family members are Roxie and Richard’s son, Richie, his wife Michelle, and their two children, Logan and April. April is the other one in front with a paddle, Michelle is in the middle, and Richie and Logan are clear in the back.



The only incident of the trip was that Michelle seemed to be experiencing some effects of heat exhaustion, so at one point on the trip, Eric gave her his water as well and they poured water on her to help cool her down.  Overall, I think everyone enjoyed the outing, and I even have the idea that I might take a raft excursion the next time we go to Canon City.  I might have to find me an inexpensive camera with which to take pictures, though.  No way will I take my Nikon D300 on that kind of trip.  It might be water-resistant and have a metal frame, but I don’t think I will take a chance on damaging, or worse yet, losing the camera.

While most of my photography has been wildlife and nature, this was an interesting excursion into action photos. It was interesting to do, so I may have to do more of it in the future. I took 342 photos on this excursion of about 8 or 10 different rafts that were fairly close together.

One gentleman in one of the other rafts wanted to meet up with me at the takeout point, but apparently his group used a different takeout point than what our group used. I think the guy wanted to get some of the photos I had taken. I would have willingly shared and even went down to where the rafts were being taken out, but no one looked me up to ask.

The next post I do in the blog will be about an excursion that seven of us took in a couple of Jeeps up through Phantom Canyon Drive and then back to Canon City via Shelf Road. (Spoiler alert….we saw wildlife.)

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  1. Welcome back.

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