Ignoring the Barking Dogs

Impending Danger

Now, I apologize in advance that this story will also be passed on by me, but since it has already been in the newspapers AND national TV news, I doubt that my small section of readers will be a noticeable blip on the radar.

When I first heard this story on NBC news in the morning before work, I immediately had the sense that these poor folks were RV’ers. So, when I found a print version of the story, complete with a picture of their fifth wheel and BIG RED TRUCK, it was not really a surprise.

With the thought that this event could be a lesson for other RV’ers, and especially for me, I will do my part to “warn” others of impending danger. The sad part of this story is that I am 5 years older than the gentleman in this story and 10 years older than the lady. Be warned, everyone.


Lost Truck Belonging to Retired Indiana Couple Found in Downtown Portland

By Maxine Bernstein

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Oregonian

An Indiana couple who couldn’t remember where they had parked their pickup truck in downtown Portland on Monday received word Thursday night that someone had located it at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Salmon Street.

“Thank God,” said Ron Rasmussen, 61. “It’s been a really traumatic day.”

Lost Truck of Indiana Couple in Portland OR

Courtesy of Rasumussens: The red Ford F350 pickup truck misplaced by an Indiana couple Monday in downtown Portland has been located Thursday night.

The couple had parked the red Ford F350 truck in a downtown parking garage on Monday, and walked about 15 to 20 minutes to the Portland Art Museum. They had planned to see an exhibit of Northwest Native American artifacts that Ron Rasmussen’s great uncle had given to the museum.

But they found the museum closed on Monday, and instead walked to Powell’s bookstore. By the time they were ready to return to their vehicle, they couldn’t remember where it was parked.

Ron Rasmussen and his wife Shelbie Rasmussen, 56, said they had a taxi take them around the city in search of their truck, with no luck on Monday. They then reported it missing to Portland police.

On Thursday, the Rasmussens stopped by Central Precinct. That’s when Officer Stuart Palmiter agreed to drive the couple to several garages downtown to search for their pickup. When they couldn’t find it, Palmiter then called The Oregonian and other media to publicize the Rasmussen’s plight.

“I commend him. He’s my hero,” Ron Rasmussen said of the officer Thursday night, upon receiving a call that his pickup had been located. “I felt kind of ashamed and embarrassed by it all. But he said the best thing to do is ‘swallow your pride,’ and do something about it. He really got the ball rolling. He’s my hero.”

The couple who are on their first maiden retirement trip had left their trailer in Tillamook. They drove back to Tillamook Thursday night in a rental car, and got a call on their cell phone informing them that their truck had turned up. They said they don’t know who noticed it.

On Friday, they plan to drive back to Portland to retrieve their pickup.

“I’m going to drive out of that parking lot paying some extraordinary price and park in a lot right close to the Portland Art Museum so I don’t lose it again,” Ron Rasmussen said Thursday night.

He and his wife want to see the exhibit at the Portland Art Museum they didn’t get to see on Monday. Afterwards, they hope to continue on their retirement trip, to the Redwoods in California, then to Yellowstone National Park.



Note to self…..

…..always carry digital recorder for recording notes of your parking space and a camera for taking photos of landmarks as we leave our vehicle so we know what landmarks to look for when we return for the truck. (Another good lesson from my favorite author; Louis L’Amour.)  Oh, and self….

….your truck looks like this:


And you look like the guy standing by it

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3 thoughts on “Impending Danger

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Terry, that is one good looking truck.

    • Well, I have to give credit to Ford. As for me, it was simply luck that we found it. I had almost given up on finding a good F450 without having to buy a new one. I ran across it when I was looking for an F350 at my favorite dealer’s website. Found it there in the morning and bought it that evening.

  2. I am not sure if this is to be taken as a serious story item or a bit of humor. If I lost my truck, i would not think it was very funny. Having said that, I can see how a vehicle can get lost especially if parked in a parking garage in a large city. I can see the parking garage at the Riverwalk in San Antonio as a problematic place. It is too easy to loose a sense of direction there.
    There are several good smart phone apps that will help a person find their vehicle. Big problem is get a sufficiently strong signal on GPS to register a location.
    To add a bit of humor to the article, I may just tether myself to my truck with string.

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