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Déjà Vu All Over Again

Perhaps you read about my issues with an external hard drive some time back; an instance where that drive’s controller failed and I thought I had lost all the data on the drive, including two years of vacation photographs that I had FAILED to back-up to some other hard drive or onto DVD’s. If not, here is the initial post telling of that potential disaster.

Life Had a Hiccup and I Panicked

Well, in that instance, fortune was with me because it was only the controller and not the drive itself, so all that data that I feared was lost was not actually lost. So, about a week ago, I decided that I also needed that same data saved over onto an internal hard drive so that I had it in yet another location. I began to copy from the external by copying a few “folders” at a time and pasting on the internal drive.

The first batch went fine, but when I went to do the second batch, my computer crashed again. I don’t know if I had tried to copy and paste too much at a time, but that last batch included a folder of files where I had used a computer program to digitize some old VHS tapes of movies I wanted to keep. It locked up on “55 Days in Peking” with Charleston Heston.

I finally cancelled the pasting operation to the internal, but somewhere in the process, I had to use Control-Alt-Delete to activate the Task Manager to stop all the processes. Then, to play it safe, I decided to “Restart” the computer before I tried anything else.

First of all, it would never shut down. It hung up on “Shutting Down” and would never get down. So, I did all I knew to do and that was to reach up and hold the “On” button until it was forced to shut down.

Then, I tried to restart the computer so I could see what had been copied and take up from there. Needless to say, my luck held (all bad) and the computer wouldn’t come up. Somehow or another, one of the internal hard drives (or perhaps both) had failed. When Jo got home,….you remember…the resident IT professional, she tried things and it still wouldn’t work.

So, I dealt again with the hope that the external hard drive would still be OK and that we could replace the internal drives and get back to life as normal. Jo ordered two drives and they came in today. She got to work after supper and installed them and began the long process of getting programs back onto the computer.

But, guess what?????

With the loss of the internal hard drives, I have lost ALL of the bookmarks that I had on both the AOL and Firefox browsers. So, more than 3 or 4 years of bookmarks saved while doing all the research for RV’s and the RV lifestyle are now GONE!!

So, please take a lesson from “he who has no sense of what to do to be safe” and go into your important bookmarks and copy them from the browser address line and copy them to a document file like Word or something. Then, save that document with the bookmark addresses in more than one location so you don’t lose them like I did.

All I can think of to do for myself is to go back through a LOT of past forum threads looking for what I can of those bookmarks that I had. I will likely also post a thread on the forums that I frequent so that others may be able to suggest some of the ones that I had picked from the forums in the past.

Take it from the spouse of the IT professional and do all you can to back up computer files and bookmarks as well. Don’t trust to one hard drive.

Avoid the complete failure due to the inevitable “train wreck.”

Paris Train Wreck

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One thought on “Déjà Vu All Over Again

  1. Bummer! I feel the pain. Thanks for that reminder. I better get cranking on Evernote.

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