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Trying to Get Back Into Things

I must apologize for not posting in a long time, but I’ve been pretty well distracted. If you happen to follow things at RV Dreams, you may already be aware of the health issues in the family. I don’t remember the dates of events, so I’ll just give a quick rundown of things.

For the last few years, when Jo went in for an annual mammogram, they have noticed a small anomaly in her left breast. They have always called her back and checked again, but with a sonogram instead of the regular x-ray for mammograms. When she went in again for the mammogram this year, they called her back, but when she arrived, they informed her that the doctor wanted to speak with her.

That was new. In the past, it wasn’t necessary for the doctor to talk to her. The doctor have Jo the news that the anomaly had “crystallized” and that it was recommended that she get a needle biopsy to see what the anomaly had become.

Of course, there was a period of time that we got to worry about things until the date for the biopsy came around. Then, it was wait again for the results of the biopsy. Those results came with the word that the anomaly was NOT cancerous, but that it is “pre-cancerous.” With that result, it was then suggested that she have a lumpectomy to remove the tissue in the immediate area around the anomaly.

Then of course, more waiting until an appointment was met with the surgeon. Slightly off-topic, but he came as a welcome surprise. He asked if we were from Michigan or the upper mid-west. I don’t have any idea how our Okie dialect could be mistaken for that area of the country. We informed him that we both were raised in the Oklahoma Panhandle. When he heard that, he asked us where in the Panhandle.

We explained that Jo was raised on a farm a few miles southwest of Elkhart, Kansas and that I was raised about 21 miles from there in the small town of Keyes, Oklahoma. So, he then asked me if I knew the Vannattas. I was floored. Their son is a year or two younger than me and their daughter a year or two older. The son is a surgeon in another hospital in Oklahoma City, but the two of them are friends. Of course, the parents have passed on, but the kids are still around.

Anyway, the doctor then informed us that what Jo had is called LCIS, or Lobular carcinoma in situ. That is a condition where the area is not cancerous, but is sort of a marker for those that could develop into cancer later in life. Well, since Jo turned 60 this year, we obviously are wondering “how much later?”

The surgery date came around and Jo underwent the lumpectomy at the outpatient surgery section of the hospital and had the tissue removed. Even though he said that the needle biopsy may have removed the majority of the anomaly, he removed an area about the size of a golf ball. She had to take a few days off, and I took off a couple of days to be with her for the first days.

After almost a week, we got the pathology report that confirmed that the anomaly was not cancerous. However, now Jo has yet another doctor to go to that specializes in LCIS. That doctor will work with her to help her live her life in a way to help prevent the LCIS from developing into cancer. Well, at least I hope that the doctor can help with that.

Jo’s appointment with the new doctor isn’t until the latter part of October, so we still have a waiting period to learn yet more about this new issue in our lives.

Family and friends have all been notified as to the progress of her health, and they will be kept in the loop in the future. For the most part, our online friends at RV Dreams know as well, so this is just a way of informing those that might follow my blog of the reason for my absence.

Hopefully, I can get back to posting interesting things. After all, I’ve never finished writing about our Colorado vacation in 2009. However, that was about to get to the point of having to summarize so much because we took a trip to Mesa Verde and rode the steam train from Durango to Silverton and back. There were also a couple of hikes that we took as well, and checked out some waterfalls.

Anyway, hopefully I will now bring you things of interest, and maybe even some stuff for the “silly season,” otherwise known as the election season.

But for now, a preview for an upcoming Colorado hike along the Piedra River northwest of Pagosa Springs.  To put things in perspective for the picture, there is a fisherman in a blue shirt fishing in the stream to the left of the “stair-step” rock.


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One thought on “Trying to Get Back Into Things

  1. Glad to hear that Jo is doing better. Speed bumps on the road of life can certainly give birth to frustrations. Keep the focus on the larger goal and time will move quickly. Keep the wheels rolling with short trips. Blessings to you guys.

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