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Just Over 30 Days to Go

In about 5 more weeks, Americans will finally get to go to the polling places to vote for their choices for President and Vice President, Congress, state legislators, and who knows what else. Oklahoma will even likely have some “State Questions” to vote on. I can safely say that Oklahoma will resoundingly go to the Republican candidates of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

How can I be so sure with still 5 weeks and 2 days to go? It is very easy to predict that one. In fact, even though I’m not a betting man, that bet I would take any day because there is no gambling on that one.

Back in 2004, when the election was between President Bush and John Kerry, Oklahoma was one of only two states where EVERY COUNTY in the state voted for the Republican. If I remember right, the other state was Utah. Then in 2008, when it was between John McCain and Barack Obama, Oklahoma was again one of two states where EVERY COUNTY went for the Republican. In that case, I believe it was Alaska that joined Oklahoma in voting in that way.

Considering that so many of Oklahoma’s citizens are really irate about the actions that President Obama, and the Democratic Party, has done to harm the citizens of the United States. The idea that so many Americans are out of work and so many others are on the dole to have everyone “provide” them what they wish is way beyond the beliefs and values of the average Oklahoma citizen.

There have been 42 months in Obama’s term where the unemployment rate was, and still is, over 8 percent. (By comparison, back during President Bush’s terms, there were 52 months of continued job growth.) Medium income for American families is down by around $3000. Here is a story that gives a comparison of job growth under Obama, Reagan, and Bush.

Growth of Jobs – Various Presidents

Massive amounts of “government” money has gone into “green” industries which have then gone bankrupt. Government, which includes Congress, has mandated that a large amount of the country’s corn to be used for Ethanol. That means that we are REQUIRED to burn both food for ourselves and food for livestock in order to appease those that demand that we all be “green.” (I should write something later about the differences between being “green” or being conservationists.)

Here are two quotes from a CNN Money story in August of this year:

“Using current numbers, this year’s ethanol mandate would theoretically require 44% of this year’s corn crop, a third of which is recycled back as distillers grains for livestock feed.”

“We are being told by the ethanol producers, the corn growers and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack that eliminating the ethanol mandate would not significantly reduce global food costs. But how could that be when roughly 14% of the world’s corn crop is being converted into ethanol in the U.S.? In addition to corn being used for biofuel, taxpayer-subsidized biodiesel is using up more soybeans each year.”

Link to CNN Money story

Then, there was a recent story about protesters against Romney in Ohio where one lady said she was voting for Obama because “he gave her a free cell phone.” A later story has said there might be around 1,000,000 of those “free phones” just in Ohio. Now, I wonder who is paying for those phones and the “time” used on them?

1,000,000 Obama Phones in Ohio

Don’t even get onto all the events going on in the Middle East. That one will require at least one rant on my blog that would consume the whole post. Obama’s foreign policy is stupendously stupid.

Well, so as not to go off on a complete rant, lets finish up with some sort of humor.

I was really pleased when Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican National Convention and pictured President Obama as an empty chair. (I’ve been told that type of characterization is a comedic way of lambasting someone, but still do it “respectfully.”) At any rate, it got me into the mood to go looking for “empties.” (Does anyone else remember when “empties” meant empty pop bottles that were worth a couple or three pennies each?)

Clint Eastwood at RNC2

Clint Eastwood and his conversation with President Obama (the Empty Chair)

Eastwoods Empty Chair

Sadly, that empty chair has been around for too long.


Here in Oklahoma, we had the dubious pleasure of the President coming to Cushing, Oklahoma for a speech touting his approval of the southern section of the Keystone Pipeline. Oh, by the way, he could neither approve or disapprove that authorization. All he had done related to the Keystone Pipeline issue was disapprove the part from Canada into the United States.

So, we had the “privilege” of seeing both empty pipeline pipes and an empty President.

Empty Pipes and Empty President

This year’s big “empty chair” event was his continued (3 1/2+ years) of refusing to meet with the Israel government leaders. Benjamin Netanyahu finally had a phone call with Obama about Iran. As far as meetings between Netanyahu and Obama, this is the best we can get.

Netanyahus Empty Chair Meeting

So, I contend we have both an empty chair and an empty suit for a President.


With that in mind, I hereby challenge all citizens of the United States that love its greatness and love its suffering people to join the citizens of Oklahoma to vote for Mitt Romney.

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One thought on “Just Over 30 Days to Go

  1. Good post. Politically charged but good. Democrats are centered around what the government can do for the people. Republicans are centered around what the people can do for themselves and the government. How quickly we forget the words of JFK.
    And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country
    My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.
    I encourage readers to read JFK’s inaugural message. By today’s standards, JFK spoke more like a Republican than a Democrat.

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