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Long Time No News…Sorry

I knew it had been some time since I had posted on the blog, and that is a shame as I started it so that I would “make” myself write more, thus possibly it might lead to me writing more on my photo book. But alas, I looked today and it has been almost 2 months since I wrote anything. Please accept my apologies if you are one that checks in with me regularly.

First of all, let’s cover the REALLY good news so that I can relate to you the story of the blubbering fool. On November 12, we were off for Veteran’s Day since the state of Oklahoma allows a day off for state employees on that date. Since the actual day for Veteran’s Day was on Sunday, the state gave us November 12 off. That was the day that Jo had her appointment for the heart catheter test to see if her heart artery (or vein) was actually getting restricted.

We were at the hospital located a few miles north of Norman, Oklahoma a little early as usual. Both of us hate the thought of arriving anywhere late. Since most of the pre-admission work had already been done, it didn’t take long for us to be sent up to the area where we would wait for the procedure. I don’t remember how long we were in that pre-surgery room, but they finally came and told us it was time. The nurse told us that the procedure would take about an hour, so I was to wait out in the surgery waiting room.

Everything is normal up to this point. We are in an area with seating for probably about 30 or 40 people, although it was nowhere even 1/4 full with waiting family. Naturally, I was there by myself and watched as others got word that their loved one’s procedure was done. Now, I am not paying any attention to the actions of the others that are waiting.

There is a volunteer in the area and his job is to answer the phone from the surgery center and then inform the proper individuals of the status of their loved one’s care. In listening to him talk to an older lady there, I found out he had a 38-foot RV. So naturally, when I got a chance to ask, I asked what kind of RV it was. After he informed me that it was a motorhome, we talked some about RV’ing and camping and what each of us were doing in that regards.

The older lady listened in and after a while commented that from what we were saying about the lifestyle, she was definitely getting interested. I think we may have created someone else to look into this life. After a bit more conversation, I went back to sit down.

In about 30 minutes, I heard the phone ring and looked up. He was looking back at me and said that the procedure was done. Then he walked me down to a small room with three chairs. The door on the room said “Post Surgery Consultation Room.” Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t come very soon after I got there, so I suddenly had bad thoughts running through my head.

Keep in mind, the past cases of Jo having surgery, the doctors have always came out to the waiting room and informed me there that Jo was alright. Since I was now in a “Consultation Room” my mind naturally gravitated to negative thoughts about Jo’s condition and what might have been found. By the time the doctor arrived, I had managed to work myself up into a state of really fearing that something serious, perhaps REALLY serious, had happened with Jo.

The doctor finally arrived and actually gave me the good news that Jo was fine. The image that they had seen during the stress test showed what looked like a restricting of the artery (vein). The doctor told me that Jo’s artery (vein) was just fine, there were no restrictions, and whatever it was that they saw must have been a “shadow” of something else. He told me I could go in whenever they returned her from the surgery room, and then he left.

That brought on the blubbering fool in me. I was so relieved from what I had heard, especially after working myself up into thinking something serious was involved, that I just started shedding tears and blubbering in that little room. Of course, there were a number of “Thank you, God” comments made during that same time.

I managed to get myself back to a better state and left the small room to go back to the waiting room. My new friend, the volunteer with the 38-foot motorhome came to me with questions in his eyes, so I told him that she was fine and I again became a blubbering fool, but this time right out in the open in front of everyone.

I guess this is being told so that everyone can perhaps put more trust in God when these kinds of events come up in our lives. While we will likely be really concerned for our loved ones, we have to remember that God is also concerned as well. So, put your trust in him, pray to him, and live your lives the best you can. Who knows what God is doing through you (and me) that may affect others.

It is a reminder that we all have folks in our lives that mean a lot to us. We had an early Christmas yesterday at our son’s house with him and his wife and the four grandkids. With things happening between Kevin’s side of the family and Amy’s side of the family, we generally let Amy’s side have the kids for Christmas Day itself.

We went up and spent several hours and had a good lunch. While we were waiting on lunch, Amy came out with what looked like a canvas, but actually was a small section of whiteboard. Then she had each child put their hand on the whiteboard while she outlined each one with a marker. Once she had all the “hands” in place, she placed the framed whiteboard onto a small card table and allowed Nate, Liam, Moira, and Genny “color” on the whiteboard.

The idea of the design with each smaller hand within the boundaries of the previous larger hand is supposed to represent a Christmas tree with the larger hand being the wider base of the tree and the smaller one being near the top. This now hangs on a wall of our RV as a new art piece.


Kudos to Amy for such a great idea.

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