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You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Pardon the photo below, but I seldom take photos of people, and certainly not as portraits. However, I did want a picture of Jo in this post as it was her comments in the past that prompted the idea for this post, especially in light of a new “social experiment” that was released this week.

Jo has, on occasion, made a comment that she was not really a pretty woman. To which, not being the romantic gentleman, I’ve usually made some inane comment that simply informed her that my opinion was different from hers.


On Monday of this week, the Dove soap company released a video of a social experiment. The following text has been “copied” from an article in Advertising Age.  (A link to the article will be below the text, just in case anyone really wants to see it.)


“Dove Uses Forensic Sketch Artist to Show Women They’re More Beautiful Than They Think

Published: April 16, 2013

Advertising Age (Online)

Dove conducted a social experiment to prove that women are more beautiful than they think, as part of its continuing focus on “real” beauty in its advertising.

In a campaign by Ogilvy Brazil, filmed by John X Carey of Paranoid in a San Francisco loft, the beauty brand employed FBI-trained forensic sketch artist Gil Zamora, who usually sketches people described by crime eyewitnesses.

First he drew portraits of women according to their own description, and then he drew portraits of those same women according to strangers who had met them on the day. The differences between how they describe themselves and how others describe them are immediately striking.”


At the website for Advertising Age, there are a series of “side-by-side” photos showing some differences. However, I found the video at Dove’s own website to be both compelling and more explanatory about what the artist was doing, so the link to Dove’s website will precede the link to Advertising Age’s website.

Link to Dove Website

Link to Advertising Age

All of this is merely a demonstration that all of us, whether female or male, really aren’t sure of how we look to others. And, if I may add it in, God sees us differently that we see ourselves as well. The real lesson then is that none of us really know how beautiful we really are.

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One thought on “You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

  1. Teresa on said:

    I agree with you. I saw the Dove ad you are talking about and I agree 100%. Nice of you to share. Thanks! And for giving us more to think about.

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