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How Can There Not Be God?

At the present time, I am close to the time of having cataract surgery. In fact, the scheduled date for the procedure to be performed on my right eye is May 3. Towards the end of having the surgery, I met with my eye surgeon yesterday, and we discussed the various options that there are for having the procedure.

To my surprise, I found that there are something like 4 different types of lenses that can be reinserted into the eye after the natural born lens is broken down and removed. One of those was explained to me to be a simple lens that is used in a way where one eye would be “focused” for far vision and the lens in the other eye would be “focused” for reading, or close vision.

When I asked the good doctor how it was that one could not be in a state of distorted vision with eyes “focused” on different distances, he explained that the mind takes over the “processing” of the vision that it sees, and that after a bit of time, the individual’s vision would have to be considered as normal.

He also explained that at one time a study was done where the subjects of the study were provided with glasses that would invert the images that they were seeing. Those that know the working of the eye know that when the image hits the retina in the back of the eye, that image is upside down.

Within the study, they determined that the mind stepped in and made the inverted images to be normal, and that when the study was completed and the special glasses were retrieved, the subjects’ vision returned to normal.

Isn’t it wonderful that an organ of the body is capable of altering the vision that the eyes see and make it all “normal” for the individual?

However, the wonder of the mind doesn’t stop there.

Consider that what the mind does with the eyes is something that the individual doesn’t even consider doing on his own. The mind just does the same with vision as the act of breathing does for the lungs. That is another of those “automatic” functions of the mind and the body.

By contrast, God provided us with an organ that allows us to be discerning and conscious of what we are doing and thinking. That part of the mind allows us to choose what we want to do in life, who we want to marry, how we raise our children, and what career we may choose to follow.

Isn’t it absolutely amazing that He provided mankind with an organ that functioned at the will of the individual as well as functioning its own necessary functions of life?

Over time, man has used the conscious part of the mind to study and learn and develop new technologies, learn from all things observed, and thus to come up with such magnificent procedures and treatments with which our lives have been extended.

In the case of my eye surgeon, one Dr. David Mallory, after his medical school studies and internship, he came to Oklahoma to work under one Dr. James Little. Following a 2 year study with Dr. Little, Dr. Mallory joined his practice. At the time, Drs. Little and Mallory were the only two in the Southwestern part of the United States that could perform cataract surgery.

Now, Dr. Mallory has been performing his surgeries for over 29 years and has claimed to have performed over 25,000 procedures.

Considering all that mankind has been able to do in the various realms of medicine, dentistry, psychology, it could be amazing that I am now scheduled to be the recipient of some of those medical advances. What kind of “luck” is it that could place me in the hands of such a pioneer of medicine?

What kind of “luck” could there be that at a time when I have quite a bit of anxiety of this whole process, that I have a good number of online “friends” at the RV Dreams forums that have given me comfort and encouragement? In fact, they have managed to give me a hope that once the procedures are all done, my vision will be better than it ever was and that even colors will be more vivid.

I don’t think it is luck that has brought all of the various “stars” into alignment to give me comfort and hope. I have no doubt that God is in full control, and that if my improved vision is a blessing from Him, then I must have some work yet still to do for Him.

I think that we can all have the sense that what we do is for His glory. As such, I thank Him for all the blessings of family, friends, and acquaintances that I have in my life that has enriched me so much. May it be that what I do in my future further glorifies Him. Perhaps my photography will be further blessed as a way to do that for Him.

Thank you, God.


The image above has a “back story.”  At the time it was taken, what colors were seen with the naked eye were blues and greys.  One photo taken prior to this one showed just a wee bit of an orange or gold color in the lower left hand corner.  When I turned the camera to the left, everything in the viewfinder became these beautiful colors.  Even though many would likely say that it just happened to be a chance encounter of the light hitting a camera sensor just right, I prefer to say that the image is a gift from God.

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2 thoughts on “How Can There Not Be God?

  1. Well said, Terry. I have a profound hearing loss in both ears. Without hearing aids, I would not be able to carry on any conversation with a person even if they where shouting. My hearing loss is hereditary rather than noise induced. I thank God that he gave others the ability to study the hear and develop a solution for designing computer controlled amplifiers that can listen to sounds, then amplify only the frequencies where my ears are unable to hear correctly. While hearing aids are not 100%, they are close enough so the brain can auto correct the rest.
    I am glad God made me and that I am not the product of a big bang that happened somewhere way out there.
    Eye surgery may seem scary because of the risks but since God is really in control, peace overshadows the uncertain.
    I’ll be praying for you my friend.

    • Thanks, Jerry.
      The anxiety is still with me, but overall, I’m pretty confident that the outcome will be good. Based on the encouragement I got from the participants at RV Dreams, I should be in for an amazing transformation once it is all done.
      I guess I need to get back to reading your blog. Last I looked, you had traded for a motorhome. What with a lot of things going on, I pretty much ran out of time to read all the blogs that I was following. Plus, as you can tell, it’s been a long spell since I did any serious writing on my own.
      Thanks for your prayers. They are greatly appreciated.

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