Ignoring the Barking Dogs

Slight Change to the Neighborhood

Our site in the neighborhood, before the storm:


In the wee hours of the morning on June 17 (an early Monday morning), a “straight wind” storm came through the Oklahoma City area. What with all the tornadoes we’ve had this last month or two, any violent winds at all are a concern. I sat up for a while and watched the local television station to see if any tornado watches or warnings were up to be issued.

There weren’t any, so I went back to bed. With the straight line winds going through and rocking the coach, I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I also had a slight little niggling concern in my mind with how full the black tank was getting.

Morning came and I went out to dump and flush the black tank. As I rounded the front of the trailer, I saw this:


Initially, I was surprised that I didn’t remember hearing anything in the night that sounded like that half of the tree falling. I started the black tank to dumping and went to get my cell phone so that I could send a text message to our landlady about the fallen tree. My initial report to her was that both of the sites to our south were completely blocked.

After dumping, I went out to take another assessment of the fallen tree to see if it really did block both sites. With a different perspective, I could see that a trailer could be backed in, but the long concrete patio/porch would be half covered by the tree.


While assessing that, I looked at the base of the fallen tree. I was shocked to see that the wood appeared to be rotted and that no roots had been pulled out. Naturally, Jo and I both got to worrying about the tree that was still standing and whether or not it was perhaps rotting as well.


We sent another text message to our landlady and asked if we could move our coach to another site until something could be done with the two trees. We were really concerned with the standing tree because all of the branches on that trunk were growing towards our fifth wheel.



Initially, our landlady had said she would be out when she got off work in the evening. But, after I sent the second message with the request to move our coach, she decided to take time off and come check out the trees for herself. Her thought was that if we were that concerned, things were a lot worse than she initially thought from my first message.

We got permission to move and did just that. Fortunately, the folks that pay for the site we moved to pay for the whole year so they never have to worry about “reserving” their site. They won’t arrive until August, so it was not an issue with them. I received a message from our landlady that she had contacted a tree service company and that they would be out that afternoon to take care of both trees.

We only had to be in the temporary spot for a couple of days, and it was really nice to get back to where we had a fenced yard for our two MinPins. It is a real pain to wake up in the middle of the night and have to hook a leash on them to take them out to do their “business.”

At any rate, we are now safe from that tree falling on us as the tree service has cleared them both out. In reality, while it looked nice, we really got little shade from it in the summer. When the summer sun is more in the North, the tree didn’t shade us at all.

However, if that tree had fallen, numerous branches would have gone through the wall and roof of our bedroom slide where the bed is located. It would have also crushed the front of the trailer.

Here are images of what is left of the trunk of the tree that show some of the rotting. The broom is to give an idea of how deep into that tree it was able to go before it hit “solid” ground. It measured out at 29 inches. One good wind from the South might have made it fall on us.







Once again, God is looking out for old folks and fools.

To add a final thought, Jo and I both really hate to destroy trees, but in this case, I have to say it was a necessary thing.

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3 thoughts on “Slight Change to the Neighborhood

  1. Carol on said:

    Glad the trees did not cause any damage to anyone or anything. It’s unfortunate to have to get rid of a tree…

  2. Aussie Steve on said:

    G’day Terry and Jo,

    Boy oh boy you sure came close with that one. As a believer like yourselves I can concure that God was protecting you once again. I cannot believe that you didnt hear it fall or even feel it when it hit the ground.

    It was great to have a photo of your home onsite. I remember you writting about your move and putting the fence up for your dogs and even saving some money if you did the mowing yourself ( it looks a bit long mate ).

    And to add insult to injury while I knew you had the F450 King Ranch I didnt realise you had my favourite colour. Have u put any photos of it on your photobucket website. I have to remind myself not to covert my neighbours F450.

    Aussie Steve

  3. Aussie Steve on said:

    G’day Terry,
    Found your F450 photos. May I ask what the button with the foot picture does? Something to do with the exhaust brakes or excelleration?

    Aussie Steve

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