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Toilet Water Supply Line Blew!!!

There I was, minding my own business last Saturday night and perusing forums on the internet, when I heard a new noise coming from the front of the coach. So I got up to check what it might be and found water literally pouring out onto the bathroom floor. I woke Jo up (yep it was late) and ran outside to turn off the toilet at the water manifold. We still ended up with enough water on the floor to begin leaking into the underbelly area.

The water supply line that connects to the Dometic Sealand toilet valve blew off from the connection that attaches to the toilet valve. So, the next day, I got to go to Camping World to see if; a. I could get a fitting that just slips on somehow, or b. find a new water supply line to run from the manifold to the toilet. Ours comes straight up through the bathroom floor to the valve and has a right-angle connection on that end.

One thing I am really glad of from this experience. We have a side bathroom, so when Jo was sopping up water with towels, all she had to do was wring them out into the shower, and when I go to working on this problem, I’ve got lots of room to work in. I’m really glad we don’t have a small “toilet closet” with close tolerances for working on plumbing.

Oh, and I really now like RV toilets. We kept a 1-quart measuring pitcher in the bathroom sink, so that all we had to do to flush was run some water into the pitcher and pour it into the toilet while pressing the foot pedal. Back when we were on the farm and had to do such things, it took a bucket of water.

The part we got at Camping World had to go back today. The supply line comes straight up out of the floor right at the area of the valve and has a right angle fitting before then having a 1/2″ female pipe thread fitting going onto the valve. The part they had was a good 2 1/2″ long and would have really put things into a bind on the plastic part from CW. Rather than risk another break, we did our normal Oklahoma Panhandle “engineering” by buying a 20″ hose with a 1/2″ female pipe fitting on one end and then we cut the faucet fitting off of the other end. Using a bit of soap, Jo slipped the hose up onto the part of the right-angle that the original fitting was on and we then clamped it down with a small hose clamp.

Having the 20″ hose allows us to have a loop in the hose to allow for some flex if it is needed. It isn’t pretty, but it’s functional and we have toilet water back. If anyone would like to have a laugh at our repair, have a look.

First, the right-angle fitting from which the valve fitting came.

Right Angle Fitting Without Pipe Thread Fitting1

Right Angle Fitting Without Pipe Thread Fitting2

Next, the 1/2” female pipe thread fitting that broke off.

Half Inch Female Pipe Thread Fitting

This is an image of the Camping World part that was way too long to work.  If you see how close the incoming line is to the inlet on the valve, you can see why a 2 1/2” part would put itself into a bind and likely break.

Unusable Camping World Part

This is an image of the valve inlet on the Dometic Sealand toilet valve. In that photo, one can see how close the incoming water line is in relationship to the valve inlet connection. That is why the Camping World part was too long to work without putting everything into a bind.

Half Inch Male Pipe Thread Input of Valve

Now, the finished repair, but just without having the valve cover being replaced onto its housing.

Hose Installed Without Valve Cover

This one is the final image showing the finished project with the toilet valve cover back in place.

Hose Installed With Valve Cover

Jo is happy again, and I must be off to finish up another minor modification that I’ve been working on; that being to replace the screws holding the air conditioner return vent covers with something that doesn’t have to be taken clear out for each time we want to clean the filters.

More on that later.

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