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It Is Now Official

This one is for Jerry as it was he that asked the question in a recent post whether Jo and I were getting close to retirement or not and ready to start traveling.  Jerry and Carol can be found at WagginTailsRV.

I guess the immediate answer would have to be, “It depends.”

The answer is “Yes” with respect to the topic of retirement. Just last week, I officially submitted my paperwork for retirement after the end of June. So, we will officially be retired as of July 1 of this year. However, with respect to the subject of traveling, not so much.

The reason for the ambiguity about traveling is because we will travel for about two weeks. That will be the time required for us to hook up and work our way to the Colorado Springs area. But, once there, we will again be “static” full-timers for an uncertain period of time.

Jo’s oldest sister and her husband currently live in Canon City, Colorado and her other sister retired last year and moved to Colorado Springs. In addition to the two sisters, the oldest sister’s daughter and her husband have moved to the Cripple Creek, Colorado area and bought 160 acres. That means that we now have three “groups” of family within an approximate area of a 60 to 80 mile radius.

We were up in the Colorado Spring area last October for a two week vacation. While there, we took time away from taking pictures of Autumn colors to check out RV parks and mobile home parks in both Colorado Springs and Denver. Of all the places we looked at, we were left feeling that none of them, save one, would be suitable for us.

We currently live in a small mobile home park in the Oklahoma City area and within about 100 to 150 yards of a major interstate highway. We have reserved a site at Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort, which is located about 20 miles southwest of Colorado Springs. Posters in the windows of the park office caution “residents” about how to handle encounters with bears and mountain lions.

So, we are looking forward to trading the “screams of sirens of emergency vehicles” for the “screams of mountain lions. As you can see by the image below, the RV Park, with a series of roads, is right at the base of a mountain, which I think is named Mt. Pittsburg.

Google Earth Image of Mountaindale and Area2

When we were at Mountaindale in October, we met the owner of the RV Park and came to like him immediately. Then, when I called to reserve a space and reminded him that we would be there “long-term,” he proved to be excellent in treating us right. He first thought of one site where the sun would help melt the snow and ice in front of our Mobile Suite’s entry door. Then he changed his mind and suggested another site where the whole area on the door side of the coach would be in the sun.

I told him that I really appreciated that he looked after the “old folks.” Later, I sent numerous e-mail messages to him, some of which requested photos of the site where we would be located, and he willingly obliged with some close-up and wider angle views.

Mountaindale Site 58B_1

I’m finding that I really like the landscaping. They have similar rock walls throughout the park. This site has the rock wall with shrubbery to the door side of the coach and there is a stacked rock wall along the back side of the site as well.

Mountaindale Site 58B_2

Here are a couple of shots with a wider view.

Mountaindale Site 58_a1

Mountaindale Site 58_a4

In a later visit with the owner, I asked if what I saw next to the electrical pedestal was a water hydrant. I asked because our current location has the water hydrants underground. The owner informed me that it was a hydrant, but that because we would be long-termers, he would get us set up with plumbing for the coach and make sure everything was wrapped with some form of heat tape.

He described what they used and proclaimed that they thought it worked pretty well because they had seen temperatures as low as -15 degrees and nothing froze up.

That little fact there just might be the factor that makes our stay at Mountaindale an uncertain length of time.

However, Jo will be working with her sisters to set up some websites so that they can sell their sewing projects online. One sister does some embroidery and quilts and the other is into just about every form of sewing. Then Jo also has an embroidery machine and a serger, so she might have stuff to sell as well. She is also thinking of posting some of my photos online for sale as well.

We’ve seen some very cold temperatures here in Oklahoma City this year, and I keep telling everyone that we are “in training” for the temperatures in Colorado. At any rate, Jo and I are both excited about our future after retirement, in spite of the lower temperatures.  At least we won’t have to run the air conditioners so much during the summer.

As a comparison of winter views, compare the following pictures, the first from our site in the mobile home park in Oklahoma City.

Winter Oklahoma City

Then there is this one from Mountaindale’s Facebook account.

Mountaindale Winter Scene

You know….I think I’m ready for some winter scenes of Colorado after all these years of late summer and fall photos.

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2 thoughts on “It Is Now Official

  1. Congratulations! I am sure you guys will love being in Colorado. I visited Colorado Springs area several times in the 80’s-90’s. Love it. I only did one short winter visit and boy was it cold. At least that is an area where the road crew is experienced in taking care of snow and ice.
    Best wishes in your retirement. We hope to be in Albuquerque next winter and perhaps Colorado Springs are in the Spring/Summer 2015. If we can manage that, we will have to plan a gathering.
    Meanwhile, now you have an excuse to be more active on the blog.

    • Thanks, Jerry.

      When we were up there in October, there were two forest service roads that I really wanted to explore that go off into the mountains from the southwestern part of Colorado Springs. However, because of the flooding last year, those roads were closed. In fact, flooding had even closed Seven Falls. However, Jo’s sister took us to a really neat museum/art store called Michael Garman’s Magic Town. Google that one to see what he did. I’ll try to get a blog post done one of these days to show what we saw. It was really neat.


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