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Heaven is for Real

I’ve failed badly in posting to the blog for quite some time now, and I have to believe that part of that is because with the circumstances in our world and in our country, that I really didn’t want to delve into discouraging topics like politics. I’m sure that I will again write of the evils that have befallen our world and nation due to the ill-advised philosophies of some very progressive or socialistic people.

However, recent events have made me decide to write something that will help get my mind back onto more important topics, and that is our need to return to God and to help strengthen our country and our citizenry. After all, worldly things are really not as important as what God can do for us.

Within the last couple of weeks, Jo and I have done something that I avoid as much as possible, and that is to go to the movies. However, I had read where the movie, Heaven is for Real, would be coming out soon. In researching that movie and when it would be showing near us, I also came across another movie of interest entitled “God’s Not Dead.”

We went to see God’s Not Dead two weeks ago and I found it to be very interesting in its story and the way that the story-line was approached and presented. It is about a young college student takes a philosophy class to fulfil one of his general study requirements. As a Christian, he is enrolled in a class where the professor is an Atheist and requires his students to write out “God is dead” on a sheet of paper.

Since the young man is reluctant to do so, the professor gives him an opportunity to salvage a grade in his class. He requires the student to present three 20-minute lectures from the podium in an effort to convince the other students that God is NOT dead.

I liked the movie because it presented the young man’s arguments in logical, scientific, and philosophical ways instead of trying to prove God to an unbeliever by quoting from the Bible. I highly recommend that movie.

The second one that we went to was just this evening, and it was the movie “Heaven is for Real.” It is the movie based on the book written about Colton Burpo’s “out-of-body” experience and the events he witnessed, including having angels sing to him and Jesus interacting with him.

However, Colton Burpo’s story gets more involved because it also touches on the story of Akiane Kramarik, another young person who has had a similar experience. In Akiane’s case, she is a talented artist and painter and has painted a picture of Jesus. When Colton Burpo saw that image, he described it as looking like Jesus, after seeing many other pictures that he said was “all wrong.”

I really thought that both movies were excellent.  I recommend them highly.

Rather than describe all of the stories, since I had already posted about these events, I’ll provide links to my previous postings about Colton Burpo and Akiane Kramarik. Akiane’s story will include a link to her website where readers can see the image that she drew. After that, I will have a surprise image that I just discovered today.

First of all, here is a link to the posting where I put the two stories from Lori Hensley about Colton Burpo, which also alludes to what will be Akiane Kramarik’s story.

The Colton Burpo Story and Perhaps Then Some

This link is to a short blog entry where I wrote of not being able to find the story on Akiane Kramarik, but it does include the links to her website, where the images of Jesus can be seen.

Update on “And Perhaps Then Some”

The following link is to a posting where I provided a number of links to videos where Akiane Kramarik had been interviewed. As Lori Hensley had not yet written her story about Akiane, this was the best I could do until she did.

Finally, More about Akiane, Artist and Poet

The next link is to the article that Lori Hensley was finally able to write about Akiane Kramarik. She had told me that she preferred to interview the subjects herself, rather than write an article from information from other sources. Since she was never able to arrange the timing for both herself and the Kramarik’s, she finally wrote her article as a compilation of several other writer’s stories.

Akiane Kramarik Revisited

I have found these stories intriguing, especially considering that both Colton Burpo’s and Akiane Kramarik’s experiences happened when they were young and less likely to be “influenced” by what they might have heard adults state. In fact, Akiane’s parents were Atheists, and thus had never discussed religion. After Akiane’s encounter, they have become Christians.

Then today, I ran across this on another blog. While I can’t attest to the truthfulness of what is stated in the blog article, the comparison between two images is striking. First, I’ll post a bit of the article where the images occur and then I’ll provide a link to that site, and lastly, I’ll put the images here for you, the readers, to see.

“One of the things I loved in the book was the story about a game Colton’s family got into, because Colton had seen Jesus for real. They’d show him an artist’s image of Jesus and ask, “Is this what Jesus looks like?” And he’d say no every time, so they switched to asking, “What’s wrong with this one?” One day, his dad showed him the painting by Akiane and said, “What’s wrong with this one?” and Colton said, “That one’s right.” Wow. When I saw the portrait a nun had painted based on the image on the Shroud of Turin, I had to put it next to Akiane’s painting. Double wow.”

The link:

Heaven is for Real

The image below is pretty self explanatory, although it leaves out just a bit.  The drawing based on the imagery on the Shroud of Turin was done by a nun, who for now (and maybe forever) is unknown.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely see some similarities.


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One thought on “Heaven is for Real

  1. I read the book Heaven Is For Real just in January. Really surprised when I saw they made a movie. Gonna have to see it.

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