Ignoring the Barking Dogs


I am a Christian and conservative, a U.S. Army veteran of the late ’60’s, and devoted husband and father.  I am married to Jo, a marvelous and beautiful woman, for over 43 years. We love traveling and seeing and photographing the wonderful creations of God.

My Interests are travel, photography, reading, listening to music (both man-made and natural), and generally loving all God has created.

I love music of “almost” every type, but primarily New Age artists like Yanni, Patrick O’Hearn, Enya, Mars Lasar, David Arkenstone and so many others.

My favorite reading materials are the Bible, about every Louis L’Amour book, an old Oklahoma author named Weldon Hill, and many others, especially political columnists.

I have a penchant for John Wayne movies, shows on the History Channel, Discovery, the Military Channel and NCIS.

Jo and I sold a 2250 square foot home on ¾ of an acre, just about everything in it and moved into a luxury fifth wheel Mobile Suites recreational vehicle.  Once we retire, we will get to travel the country, seeing the beauty of this country and sharing that with others through my photos.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Terry, I would like to ask a favor of you. Can you go to my blog and critique it please? I moved to WordPress and need feedback on visual readability.
    Thanks so much.

  2. Terry ~ I saw that you were at USASOU23. Just a quick note to let you know we have a SOU23 group on Facebook

  3. Chan Hiers on said:

    Joe, I have some questions for you about your fridge conversion. I was wondering where you found that Johns Mansville insulation at. I didnt realize it would be so hard to find

    • Chan,
      If I remember right, we bought it at either Lowe’s or Home Depot. Since we’ve not looked for insulation since that conversion, I’d have no idea of where to suggest that you look.

  4. John David Spring on said:

    Hi Terry,

    My wife and I own a 2008 Elite Suite and I’ve been very challenged with the wiring for the entertainment electronic components. It’s very confusing and I tried to do some research and found your postings in both suitesownersinternationaltraveclub.com and in 5thwheelforums. You had posted pictures of the wiring connections showing the back of the of the components and another member had posted a link for the entertainment center system schematic. Unfortunately, the files will not download for me from the forums. Would you be a able to email me directly any files of photos or schematics for the wiring for the entertainment system? It would be greatly appreciated.

    By the way, we’re also changing out our Dometic refrigerator with the Samsung as you did and your pics and information in WordPress is great and very helpful. Just ordered the Samsung today from Home Depot to be delivered on Friday. Should be a busy weekend putting it in.

    Thanks for your help Terry!


    • David,

      I’ve deleted your e-mail and Facebook url’s from this comment so as not to broadcast them when I approve your comment. I have sent you an e-mail with something like 8 pdf files showing images of the wiring. Hope this helps you.

      Also, another person (Frank Isaac) posted a question related to our modification of putting in a Samsung fridge, but our model number has been discontinued. His question was in the “Residential Refrigerator Install Finished- Lessons Learned” blog post. If you could go there and post the model number of the Samsung you ordered, it would probably help him a lot.



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