Ignoring the Barking Dogs

Recent Posts and Archives

As I am still learning the idiosyncrasies of WordPress, I’m forced to create a new page in order for readers to find a listing of recent posts and the archives.  For some reason, with the theme that I chose, those do not show up on the blogs “home page.”

I did notice that when I clicked on a different “page” under the home page’s top image, that those features showed up on the right hand side.  So, that is why you see a separate page for Recent Posts and Archives.

This “old dog” is still trying to learn new tricks.


3 thoughts on “Recent Posts and Archives

  1. Steven Pinnock on said:

    Hi Terry,
    I thought I would travel over to the dark side and bring you up to date with my movements rather than create a tangent on RV Dreams Forum.

    First can I say how much I appreciate your input on RV Dreams. The way you greet people particularly new comers is wonderful. I know you were the first to reply to my post and in turn I visit your web page regularly.

    Unfortunately I am no longer at Coledale Camp ground. What a wonderful little place that was but my personal circumstances dictated that I move on.

    I am now further north ( on the Australian east coast in the state of New South Wales ) volunteering at my eldest brother’s (I have three other brothers) and his wife RV accessory and repair businesses. One is in Port Macquarie, where I am at the moment and the other is further north in Ballina. Both are beach side townships with about 90,000 population. I spent 6 months in Ballina last year.

    I mainly assist in the selling of products, problem solving customers problems and admin. Believe it or not it is quite rare over here to have people in the RV business who actually use the products they sell let alone do it full time like myself. We refer to most of them as failed used car salesmen. A bit unkind but you get the picture I’m sure.

    The RV industry here is almost a cottage industry. With the exception of Jayco Australia no connection to the US based company all Trailers are hand fabricated and not very well at that. So we are busy repairing them for the heart broken customer.

    Thanks for you response Terry and your humor, I worry sometimes mine might loose something in the translation.

    Oh by the way I loved your post about guns in 5th wheelers. How many did you say you had 37 was it!!!!! Gota love you Americans. As you know I was a cop and although I carried a gun and could shoot quite well (at a piece of paper target) the Red Back spiders loved living in the gun barrel.

    Thanks again mate
    Aussie Steve

  2. Carol Spencer on said:

    need to replace my refrigerator in my mobile suites to a residential fridge I noticed that you had done so I can’t find your article that you had written about it please help

    • Carol,

      I’ve sent you an e-mail with a link to a thread at RV Dreams where I wrote of the modification along with a bunch of links to my blog. This should give you a lot of information on what we and others did.


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